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We are a community that is collectively creating DIVINE awareness through workshops, gatherings, retreats and classes. Not to mention on daily interactions on this planet.

We are currently gathering in Texas, Oklahoma, Mexico, Panama and Italy!

Below is the schedule for Yoga & Reformer Pilates with our partners Studio Be. Please book your classes ahead of time. We are by appointment only. This schedule is LIVE and will notify us with your booking.  If you are wanting to book reformer pilates sessions, simply look for the classes titled Reformer Pilates. Private Sessions & Duos may be booked via this schedule by signing up here or contacting us directly. Note we have 5 different community locations and the booking will say for which location you are booking for. Text or Call: 512-676-7985

Divine Yoga Schedule 2024

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Retreats & Workshop & Trainings
Schedule 2024


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