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Sound Healing Certification
20 Hour Certification

April 26 - 27 - 28th

Flicka Rahn M.M.Ed., M.Sc. 
Vocalist. Composer. Author. Sound Healer
M.A. Guidance & Counseling
M.A. Vocal Performance
M.A. Music Education

Course  Information

  • Transformation & Toning

  • Therapy & Sound

  • Sound Education

  • Experiential Education

  • Deep Meeting of Shadow

  • Bio-Energetic Science

  • Energetic Sonic Portal

  • Sacred Geometry

  • Marketing & Presenting Sound Healing


Friday: 6pm - 9pm 

Saturday: 8am-6pm

Sunday: 8am-6pm


Contact Flicka for questions & clarity. Our mission is to elevate our communities while bringing conscious sound healing to each and every one of us. Understanding these concepts above will create that rooted and healing step forward.

1 (361) 947-4223

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