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Womb Healing Workshop

Why do we need to heal our womb? 

Our womb space is also an energy container that stores traumatic emotional memories and negative past experiences. It contains Not only our own traumatic personal experiences but also past life's, our mother wound's, generational trauma, etc. These dark traumatic experiences within you create negative blockages that you might be unaware of, manifesting big issues in your life and physical disease.


How do we heal?

In the patriarchal society important rituals and ceremonies have been erased, to be forgotten in our memories, to keep us away from powerful ancestral wisdom.... The truth is we CAN heal ourselves and our lineage from emotional blockage by honoring and healing the connection with our womb space, which is the source of divine feminine wisdom, creativity, intuition and sensuality; Empowering ourselves once again to finally stop acting and perpetuating a traumatic reality. 

The Offerings?

Workshop 1 - Get to know your why, who and how.

Workshop 2 - Divine Yoni connection meditation with ancestral womb journey 

Workshop 3 -Learn Divine womb self-massage with plant medicinal oils

Workshop 4 - Womb blessings and activation by Ritual 12 Munai Ki (13 lunas)


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