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Lunar Eclipse In Libra

Key Aspects:

~*~ Relationships ALL OF THEM

Are the connections we have created in right harmony?

Are they destructive?

We must hold in right harmony!

This full moon gathering is in Libra.

We have the preparation of the shadow retrograde about to hit us April 1st. What does that mean? You may be filling down, upset and or even guilty about something in your life. The shadow aspect shows itself and we in our divine gatherings honor that and work with it. When we intentionally engage in the practice we welcome the positive shifts and changes into our lives!

Key Factors:

~*~ Release

~*~Move On

~*~ Detox

~*~ Forgive

~*~ Truth & Responsibility

Favorite Shout Outs?

"during this eclipse the earth is casting a shadow on the moon and so there might be some shadowed aspects that are being illuminated… 

there are parts of ourselves that we can only see through the mirror of “the other” and this is the medicine that libra brings us… 
libra reveals to us “the other” side of the equation, where we might need to re-calibrate in order to come back into balance… "




Deadline to register Wednesday


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