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Balanced Body Reformer Pilates Teacher Training

Olivia Balanced Body Trainer:

4 Movement Principles:

-Upper Body

-Lower Body

-Full Body

-Restoration & Mobility

Pilates Principles:

  1. Breathing

  2. Concentration

  3. Control

  4. Centering

  5. Precision

  6. Balanced Muscle Development

  7. Rhythm/Flow

  8. Whole Body Movement

  9. Relaxation

Over 10 million people are practicing Pilates .... Joseph Pilates wanted everyone to practice Pilates! "What would Joe think about this right now?" -Olivia

Ken Endelman

Our founder and CEO, Ken Endelman, started his career in 1976 as a designer/builder of custom furniture in Hollywood. Ken's commitment to craftsmanship is still evident in Balanced Body equipment today.

"Caged Lion" -Author worked with Joseph Pilates

"Behind every confident woman there is a pilates instructor telling her to relax her shoulders!"

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