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"To explore and adventure in different places around the world is a gift you can only give to yourself. Only you can decide how you will travel on this planet and with who..."

-Owner of

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Established in 2009, has transformed and faced many facets. Originating from a family business called TripsUnlimited Inc., is now holding space for the many travelers of this earth who are willing to take a chance on a different style of a guided journey.


Santa Catalina or Italy

Santa Catalina Panama is a great place to learn to surf with family or friends.

The Santa Catalina retreat is great for family fun. It includes a break that is great for learning to surf and relaxed atmosphere. 

The Italy retreat also caters well to families and travel. The Berti Hotel provides child care and activities for all ages. 


Mexico... Panama.. You choose..


We have created the experience for all types of surfers. Wether you are just learning about surfing or wanting to step up your game we have you covered. Our local guide will be showing us the ins and outs of surf spot. You can’t beat it.


Retreats & Workshops & Trainings


Let’s face it, there are plenty of yoga retreat options around the world.  

The difference is the fact that these adventures have been occurring since the 80's and your host understands the importance in culture and exploring! 


Book your vacation on your time or schedule with a retreat already planned!

Thinking about hosting your own? 

Contact Us

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